Máy đo độ rung SKF CMAS 100SL

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Now both novice users and experts can easily, quickly, and accurately check the condition of rotating equipment throughout your facility. Equipping your maintenance and operations personnel with this rugged, ergonomic and easy-to-use instrument can provide early warning of potential machine problems before a costly failure occurs.

Multiple measurements with a single device
The SKF Machine Condition Advisor provides an overall “Velocity” vibration reading that measures vibration signals from the machine caused by rotational and structural problems such as unbalance, misalignment and looseness and automatically compares them to pre-programmed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. An “Alert” or “Danger” alarm displays when measurements exceed those guidelines.
Simultaneously an “Enveloped Acceleration” measurement in the higher frequencies is taken. Elevated reading are caused by rolling element bearing or gear mesh problems and compared to established bearing vibration guidelines to verify conformity or indicate potential bearing damage.
The SKF Machine Condition Advisor also measures temperature using an infrared sensor to indicate uncharacteristic heat.
This approach provides accurate and reliable data upon which to base maintenance decisions and promotes early detection, confirmation and accurate trending of bearing and machinery problems.

Measuring Velocity, Enveloped Acceleration, and Temperature simultaneously saves time.
Assess vibration in industrial non–reciprocating machinery
Lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed, the SKF Machine Condition Advisor fits neatly at the belt line, in a pocket or a tool kit.
Exceptionally durable, the unit is rated IP 54 for use in adverse industrial environments.
Quick and easy to set up and use, measurements are shown on a bright display viewable in low light to direct sunlight. Free on-line training is also available at SKF @ptitude Exchange.
Alert and Danger prompts provide increased diagnostic confidence
Efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly, the rechargeable SKF Machine Condition Advisor operates 10 hours on a single charge
Flexible enough to work with standard constant current 100 mV/g accelerometers, an optional external sensor can be used for hard-to-reach locations and for more repeatable and accurate measurements results.
Features English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish for user convenience


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